Disney Planning Resources

The world isn’t feeling very magical right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan and dream about magic in the future.

I’m sure my regular readers know me well enough to know that this means that we’re going to talk about Disney. Well. That and the title.

Are you planning a Walt Disney World trip for after this storm has passed? Are you feeling just a bit lost or overwhelmed? Here are some resources for you. Some are niche, some are general. All are ones I have used myself, and still check out for entertainment.

Pammie Plus Parks

Let me start with the disclaimer that I write articles for this one, and Pammie is a friend of mine. Some bias exists, but both the writing and the friendship came about after I discovered the greatness that is Pammie. So that totally negates it, right?

You can find Pammie on youtube, and also at http://www.pammieplusparks.com which is where you’ll find the stuff I wrote. Pammie focuses on plus sized, accessibility, mobility, sensory and cognitive issues around travel and, more specifically, central Florida themeparks. She is a ray of sunshine and positivity.

Will Save For Travel

Erm. Again: this is a friend. But she still has some great things to say, and I am convinced I’d feel the same even if she weren’t someone I went to college with. She does travel in general, but is a huge Disney fan and so you’ll find that, too. You’ll learn all about how to budget for travel. She’s also just an awesome person.

You can find her at her youtube channel of the same name, and her blog is at http://www.willsavefortravel.com which is where most of her material can be found. It’s super useful.

Ivy Winter

Moving out of the territory of plugging my friends is Ivy Winter, who you can find on youtube. It’s a small channel, but she talks a lot about solo trips, as well as travel with anxiety, so if that is something that relates to you, this is a great place. She also cohosts the Tomorrowland Transit Authority podcast with fellow youtuber Rob Plays, who isn’t a great resource for trip planning but is an awesome one for fascinating videos on the esoteric history of the parks and is more than worth checking out.

Christine is warm, encouraging and smart. Bonus: she hosts a monthly, Disney-themed bookclub.

The Disney Food Blog

This is probably the largest of the resources I use in terms of subscribers. Largely, as the name implies, they talk about food at Disney, and food at Disney is far better than you think it’s going to be. They also do a lot of general tips and tricks that are almost mandatory viewing.

You can find them on youtube under DFB and at http://www.disneyfoodblog.com

All Ears

Found at http://www.allears.net and on youtube under All Ears.net, this is another one with lots of tips and tricks, from how to score fast passes to all the best Mickey shaped foodstuffs (spoiler: there’s a lot of them). I also like that they do a lot of long-format videos, which is useful right now when we desperately need things to watch. Plus, the website has a section for reviews of rides, shows and places to eat, so you can see what other folks think.

So, got any suggestions of your own? Feel free to leave links in the comments below.

In the meantime, keep on being kind to one another, and we’ll seeya real soon.

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