New Year, New Decade

Welcome to the twenties.
It’s going to take me a long time to get used to saying that after a lifetime of associating “the twenties” with the 1920’s. Still, here we are, in a year that still sounds like the date in a scifi story. It’s a new year, and a new decade.
Now, I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. After all, if something is worth doing, it’s worth starting when the idea occurs to me, rather than at a specific calendar date. But this does seem like a good time to assess my goals.
It will come to no surprise to anyone that they largely revolve around writing. It isn’t that I’m not invested in my massage therapy career, it’s just that I’m quite happy with where I am in that spot. Still, keep reading and it might just show up.
In the short term are my two novels in progress. I want to finish the first draft of my second novel, and that is my first priority. I’m not setting any sort of time frame for this, though I expect it will be done in a month or two. Still, it’s alright if it isn’t. Then, I want to do a third draft of the first. Unlike the second draft, this isn’t going to be a full rewrite, but rather a polishing with small changes in response to my beta readers. After that, I’ll do a second draft of novel number two and put it through beta reading, then do a third.
Hopefully, by that time, both will be ready to go, and I can start trying to sell this little brain baby of mine. I have no idea of when that will be. It could be by the end of this year and it could take longer. With practice and honing, I hope to get to a point where I can take a novel from initial idea to complete manuscript in a year.
Meanwhile, there are smaller projects. I need to get back on the horse of short story submissions. I’ve got a fair few that need to be reworked and polished, and then it’s time to start trying to sell them. Plus, there is this blog, which I want to keep on writing and hopefully grow a larger readership base. If you want to help with that, sharing specific articles or my Facebook page (see the link in the end tag for where that is), I’d certainly appreciate it, and it does help.  For that matter, commenting on the Facebook page’s posts helps, as does liking them.
Finally on the writing end of things, there’s my freelance writing. I am currently a freelance writer for the Feel Better blog hosted by Massage Experts, the company I work for. I am very excited about that project in general, and my part in specific, and want to keep on writing for it. I’d also like to branch out and perhaps do an article for one of the industry publications. See, I told you massage would show up eventually.
Finally, on the more fun side, I want to get back to Disney World. Now, short of miraculous intervention it isn’t going to happen this year, and unless I sell a book, it’s not going to happen the next year, either, but perhaps I can make it happen without waiting another fifteen years, which where the last two gaps between trips. It’s my happy place. 
And perhaps, just perhaps, by the time 2030 rolls around, I’ll be not just a published author but an established one. A girl can dream.
Here’s to hoping these twenties roar. Happy New Year, everyone!
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