I talk a lot on this blog about the fact that I am writing, but haven’t ever really said much about precisely what I am writing. The truth is that I seem to be better at writing a story than I am when it comes to describing that story.
I thought that this week, I’d give that a go.
First and foremost, the big one. My very first novel. I always thought that I should write one, but never did. This one came about because it was something I kept wishing someone would write. No one did. So… I did. Perhaps that means that others have, but there was no market. Perhaps it means I came up with something genuinely new. Only time will tell.
It’s working title is Joyful. I dout that will be the final title, but we’ll see.
Joy was one of those kids that was supposed to find a portal into a fantasy realm, go through, have some adventures and try to save the world. The problem was that when she was just about to fall into the lake that served as her portal, a responsible adult saw and did the responsible thing. That is to say, pulled the kid away. Now, Joy is 25, and back at that lake. The world still needs to be saved, but things that may have seemed simple to a twelve year old are a little more complicated for an adult. Joy needs to save the day, discover some uncomfortable truths about who she is, and resist the urge to smack the incredibly stupid unicorns.
How’s that for a synopsis? I currently have two drafts of this done. There are things that need changing, but I may run it past a few more people first. I’m told that your first novel is rarely good, but I am inordinately proud of this one. I do hope to see it published. it is in a way a love letter to books like The Chronicles of Narnia, the Oz books, and everything else that saw a kid going to a magical world. It is somewhat humorous, but is also a hero’s journey, with some more serious thoughts slipped in.
Next is a very nebulous idea that I did not plan to have. Its origins lay in a short story I wrote for a writing challenge where we had to write a young adult story. Mine was a fantasy tale, in which a young, orphaned farm girl got sent from the drought-ridden area in which she lived to find a magician to come and end the drought, only to find out that she has magic herself. Then, I realized that this was actually a prequel to a broader possible story. I’m choosing to call it Five By Five.
In this world, elemental magic is the way to go. You have magics of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The weakest of magicians only access one element. Most can access two or three. Those with four of the five are generally the mos powerful… this is uncommon. The rarest of the rare have all five, and are legendary. One comes along once every few hundred years or so. Even so, everyone tends to be stronger in one. But now, five young people are discovered with the ability to control all five elements, each of them strongest in a different element. Why did this happen, and what does it bode for the land?
Obviously, the plot of that is not yet developed. It is sort of a play on the Chosen One trope. More of a chosen five. Not sure if I will work on that anytime soon or not, but it’s there in my head, along with random notes on how the world and its magic works.
I also have a few short stories in varying stages of completion. Many first drafts, a few second drafts, a few more I am actively trying to sell.
And that is where I am with the writing.

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