Everyone’s Mom

Ever met one of those women who everyone seems to want to automatically call Mom? Well, that’s my mother. And it’s great.

She had a lot to deal with as a young mother. I find it unfathomable, myself, thinking about how much younger she was than I am now, how she dealt with it all. You see, I was a very ill infant. In fact, I almost didn’t make it. I was very ill just after birth, and had to remain in the hospital as they tried to work out what the heck was wrong with me. They did, eventually, and sent me home, but all too soon I was back. Something was wrong with my eyes.

Something continued to be wrong with my eyes. I wound up spending at least one month of most years in the hospital, often more. Through it all, she was there. Sitting with me in the hospital. Taking me to doctor’s appointments. Somehow balancing that with raising my sister, as well. I can’t imagine how hard that was. Not just the stress it must have caused, but trying to also be there for my big sister.

She was a champion. Not just over all the health things, either. I remember that when I entered school, they decided I was a “slow reader” and put me in the least advanced of three reading groups. She wasn’t having that, and made me do extra work so that they had no choice but to move me up. Given the voracious reader I turned out to be, she was right. I also remember her kicking up a stink over one of my sister’s teachers, who turned out to be pretty awful, and getting that resolved as well.

Time moved on. We grew up. Mom continued to champion us. If you are enjoying reading what I have to write, you should probably thank her. She, more than anyone else, encouraged my sister and I to write. My sister is a published poet with a PhD, I should add.

We began having roommates, and Mom adopted them. If we got Easter candy as adults – and we did – our roommate got it, too. If they were going to be alone at Christmas? No way, they got an invitation to her place along with us. She was everyone’s Mom. Everyone who needed a Mom had one.

Even my clinic director calls her Mom, and she is not joking. Not even a little bit.

Today is her birthday. I won’t be seeing her today, but that’s okay, because my sister has spirited her away for some mother-daughter alone time on a quick little trip. Mom deserves it.

So to my champion and comforter, and the quintessential embodiment of Momness… happy birthday. From all of us who are lucky to call you Mom.

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